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What is Educreations?

Educreationsis an interactive, recordable whiteboard that allows you to record your voice and handwriting to produce video lessons that are creative and engaging. These lessons can then be stored in a private library, shared with friends/ students or colleagues, or shared online with other users. This Web 2.0 Application is very easy to navigate and use however for a full detailed video on how to use Educreations visit:

Educreations is a free application for the iPad only. However this does not limit its great potential. Schwartz's report on "Educreation" discusses how fast this app is growing and
reaching the classroom. She also mentions how some teachers
are using it in their classrooms today.

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How does Educreations currently help in the Classroom?

  • One-to-One - Could be a teacher using Educreations to demonstrate a maths equation or a new concept to a student. This app allows the teacher to break down a concept, or go back and revisit a step the student didn’t understand or simply leave it with the student to replay the session on their own.

  • Integration Aide’s Aid - Integration aid’s use this app to record their one on one sessions with children. It enables them to record their discussions, thoughts and ideas. As each session can be saved, it can be revisited or be used as an assessment tool.

  • Teacher - to -Teacher - Leading teacher can connect their ipad to the class smartboard and sit amongst their colleagues whilst conducting a meeting. It means the leading teacher wouldn’t have their back to anyone but can still be interacting with the board. The session can be saved and shared to all the teachers so that they have instant access to the session. This method of recording meetings could eliminate miscommunication as voice recording will help clarify verbal information mentioned.

  • Online Resource for Teachers - Teachers can upload their own lessons and/or view other lessons created by teachers. It’s a useful tool for teachers if they are unsure of how to teach a certain concept/topic. Teachers can simple look up the Educreations library of saved lessons and find one appropriate for them. Similar to youtube, however more accessible for teachers as they can manipulate and interact with the app/ lesson.

How else could Educreations help in the classroom?

  • Student assessment - if school’s have access to ipads, Educreations can be used as an assessment tool for teachers, where they could pre-organise and save a lesson for students or set them a task. For example, to assess a student's maths ability or understanding the teacher could save a task that has four different equations, one on each page, students take the ipad and individually record how they would work it out. A useful aspect of educreations is that it records voice so not only can the teacher watch back the students thinking process, as they solve the equation, but also any verbal discussions involved. The teacher can then collect the ipads and take them home for assessment. Endless possibilities for assessment.

  • Studying Student - As a student studying teaching or any course, this can be a useful tool for recording lectures or notes. Lectures can be downloaded and uploaded onto educreations and can be manipulated and annotated while the lecturer is lecturing. The voice recording is also very handy for playing back at a later stage.

  • Research Library - within the classroom, educreations could be used for numerous student assignments and then uploaded to a library (or folder). Students can create projects or presentations on a particular research topic and once it is uploaded to a library, anyone (within the school) can gain access and learn about that topic. Students and teachers, have then created a sharing platform, where their work can be enjoyed by others.

While the Educreations App has great potential, there are some limitation in using it currently. These limitations can make the app a little bit fustrating to use at times but the creators of Educreations have stated on their website that 'Educreations has been created to be as simple as possible to create one-take, informal lessons'.

Limitations we have come across have been:

- Cannot delete pages once they have been added
- Only one font
- Cannot save presentation without finishing and recording first
- Cannot edit once recorded
- Cannot export lessons to websites

Educreations has been created to be as simple as possible to create one-take lessons.
You must be prepared and have the time to complete your lesson.

Mini Workshop

Running Sheet

Mini Workshop -Educreations!

2 mins - Introduce group members and “Educreations” App
1 min - Begin Educreations video and pause at tuning-in activity for peers
10 mins- Allow peers to complete tuning-in activity posed, in pairs or small groups.
Tuning- in Activity

1. Draw a blue cloud
2. Type your favourite ice cream flavours
3. Try adding a new page
4. Add a photo of your group on page 2.
5. Record yourselves singing happy birthday

5 mins - Class discussion
- Discuss with peers how they felt about using educreations, easy? difficult?

10 mins - Jess gives an explicit navigation on how to use the app (quick tutorial within app)
- Description/Features Explored

  1. Colour
  2. Back Button
  3. Text/typing and moving it around page
  4. Inserting images - camera roll, instant photo, dropbox, websites - resizing, rotating (using manual and/or toolbar - double click on image) and moving around page
  5. Next slide
  6. Choosing a background (only four) - each slide is a blank canvas and can have different background/canvas - duplicating page, and recording - adding while recording, recording will pause automatically and resume when hit record again.
- Limitations will also be covered throughout explanation

10 mins - Jo and Kathryn resume video “educreation session” - classroom strategies and potential classroom strategies are explored

5 mins - Peer Feedback - Online forum discussion on RMIT Blackboard

Please visit our online discussion forum on Blackboard in our ICT forum to comment on today's application - educreations. We have posed discussion questions that we would like you to discuss and respond to others. You are also welcome to share any ideas you might have for the application in the classroom and highlight any positives or negatives. The questions posed are:
  • How will/ could this app help shape pedagogy in the classroom?
  • Would you use this app in your teaching profession? If so, how? If not, why not?
  • Other than the uses we have outlined for this app, how else could you use this app in the classroom?
  • What strengths or limitation do you envision for this app?


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Thank you

Joanne Costi
Kathryn Peake
Jessie Ryan